A Dead-End is a Signal to Apply your Imagination

I was working with a client recently and there was a moment when they stopped and said, ‘Hmmm, I’m going to need a lot of confidence to get there.’


Moments like this are great. There is so much information contained in what we say – each word an impeccable missive from the depth of our mind. Not just confidence, but a lot of it; and you’re going to need it, in order to get there.

Here, the mind reveals a core program, ‘I don’t have what it takes to get there.’ Not only that, but it takes a lot of what I don’t have to get there.

This is essentially, a double defence mechanism. As if it’s not enough to tell ourselves that we don’t have what it takes, we have to reinforce that by saying that we would need a lot of what we don’t have – just in case we were thinking of entertaining the idea of setting out to this place.

The fact is, now we know. This is what I love about Creative Coaching. My clients may be disheartened at first, feeling how out of reach their dreams are, which is often what brings them to me. It’s my job to enable them to see these obstacles are only what the mind wants them to think. It’s just a string of code that we’re dealing with, nothing more innocuous that a sequence of letters put in place to keep them safe.

When we can’t see that code, there is often a sense of something missing, or of a great impossibility. We have an idea of how we would like our lives to be, yet feel a great void between where we are now, and where we’ve always hoped to be.

Working with a Creative Coach means that this void shifts out of your blind spot where it can cause havoc, to right in front of you. When we try to tackle big steps on our own our lives can seem maze-like, where no matter how many strides we make we often end up at the same dead-end. A coach can help you redesign the maze. We work to replace the code that says, ‘you don’t have what it takes,’ which has always brought you to the same impasse.

And how do we do this?

Make believe.

As children, we are snapped out of this wonderfully powerful place, but it is our greatest tool: this invisible chisel with which we carve out the exact life that we want.

So, confidence – a lot of it – what would that feel like?

The mind wants you to believe that you don’t have it, but we can also use our mind to remind ourselves that we do.

In what way would waking up with confidence shape your morning? How would you approach your time management, knowing that you had a lot of confidence? What is a lot of confidence for you?

We work to define it – like a 3D printer. Shape it and dream it as you need it to be. A fire, burning in the belly. A vision of bright turquoise in the mind. A smile that remains, even when you are alone. Power in the hands so that you reach – you can’t hold yourself back.

I love this creative space that coaching provides where a dead-end is merely a signal to open up the top of your head and release your imagination.

Book in now to shift your maze into a one-way highway.