I've just been Born!


I’ve decided to live until I’m 130, and I’ve noticed that by making one shift in my way of thinking, the ripple effect is enormous. It means that I have over 90 years of my life left, which is the equivalent, in a way, of just being born.

How many times, through my life, have I thought: if only I knew this ten years ago. Now, in a way, I do.

All of this feels like a brilliant arena within which to discuss the ways our beliefs can limit us, and that with the right focus we can shift our beliefs to create a magical life.

My decision to live until 130 has been brewing for a few months. During that time – before the goal was specific and articulated – I found my attention being drawn to my own experiences of day-to-day life: my energy levels, my exercise routine, the food I was eating. I had a sense of wanting more, and of being held back in a way that I was frustrated by.

What was all of this?

The more I began to observe, (which is a practice of watching life as it happens, frame by frame) the more I detected something like fear. Though, this didn’t feel like the right word. I spotted a sense of futility too. But this also did not feel like the right word.

Now, I know this, all too well: the moment the mind becomes aware of an ‘intrusion’ and throws out ‘nerve gas’. I have learnt about my ‘defence mechanisms’. When I find myself grappling for the right word, I know this is when I’ve made a significant penetration into sensitive territory that my mind is trying to conceal.

So, here I was, feeling as though I wanted to push for more – really lift my roof off – and encountering fear and some sense of futility: two feelings I was limited by.

Yes, I was getting up early, putting time into my yoga and meditation practice, eating well, but I wasn’t really going for it in the way I wanted. Now, that I have decided to live until I am 130, I feel a long-term equivalent of someone who is training for the marathon. I have an understanding that I want to treat myself in a heroic way, for my entire life.

As a result, I’ve taken up Parkour, which is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and was afraid to do, feeling like it was too late to start something so difficult.

I asked the coach the age of people who came to the training days. He said that yes, a lot of them were in their teens, but that they had also had a 72-year-old.

‘It’s never too late,’ the coach told me.

I am exploring the way I feel about these stock phrases, which often elicit a kind of, ‘yeah, yeah, whatever,’ response. This is the grumble of the mind, not wanting to wake up from its cosy slumber and change.

I feel my own mind, clenching. All those years I wrote off any hope of having gymnastic ability because I didn’t start when I was young.

‘It’s okay,’ I now remind myself. ‘You’ve just been born.’

Are you ready to grow beyond your own limitations? Allow me to teach you how.