The Happiness of Getting it down Right


This title comes from a book I bought in New York, which caught my eye because I know of that happiness, when writing.

The book is a lovely compilation of letters between the writer William Maxwell and his editor Frank O’Connor as they tock the ball of writing craft back and forth, always aiming for that ‘sweet spot’.

I’m interested in how many writers and artists can talk of how desirable it is to find a way to express themselves, and yet are vague about how this can be achieved, or what ‘getting it down right’ actually means.

There’s usually no holding back on how miserable it can be when they aren’t hitting that sweet spot, which seems to come hand in hand with a powerlessness to do anything about it.

Are we destined, as artists, to be at the mercy of some external power?

Only if we believe it to be so.

This is an area I love working in – how to get to that elusive place where output matches some kind of criteria of ‘rightness’ or happiness. My experience of finding my own way, helps a great deal when working with others find their own lantern to follow.  

One only need get specific.

If you're aiming to go somewhere, you have to know where. Creative Coaching helps you to define your destination and draw a path through the landscape to reach it.

It’s important to ensure that none of your wrong turns or past failures and tangents seep in to sully the line you’re drawing ahead of you. Who wants to keep reliving the past, right?

Don't worry, I guard my clients’ map to ensure this does not happen.

Our work creates a path built by all the things my clients know about getting it right, and plenty of things they didn’t realise they knew about REALLY getting it right. I shepherd you to focus on what has felt good in your creative process, practices that have worked. I teach you how to use your imagination to dive into any question or feeling that might arise, and how to swim out of it with joy.

This place – needs to be as clear as possible. If a tourist asked you directions to ‘there’, you would say, ‘sorry, but what’s “there”? You have to give me SOME detail, Buddy!’

It would only be once they started to describe that, say, it’s on a hill, and there’s a limestone hut and a well with cool drinking water that you would know the place they are talking about and give them directions.

So, begin with knowing where your ‘right’ is.

Where is that place of 'rightness', where you're getting the ideas down in a way that hits the sweet spot.

Know its nuances, how it looks from all angles, the sensations in the body. And ensure that you find it in a way that you don’t need anyone else in order to get there. You can simply wake up one morning and set off.

Book in.

Thanks @tonyross001 for the gorgeous image.