The Mystical Moment of Inspiration


Sometimes, I hear a client tell me, ‘the way through a project comes when I least expect.’

In the few hundred literary events I’ve hosted, when the question, ‘where do you get your ideas from?’ is asked, I’ve rarely heard a clear, specific answer.

Last month, at my free monthly Creative Coaching evening, Miranda France talked about the dilemma of seeking out things that supposedly only come when they are not being sought.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because all these perspectives have an impact on how we view our levels of competence. How empowering is a belief that inspiration strikes when you least expect, or you don’t really know where your ideas come from, or that you can’t look for whatever it is that you very much want?

It’s possible to seek solutions and know exactly where to go for inspiration. The core of much of my work is teaching my clients the way, which is an individual path contained within us all.  

The Hummingbird is a symbol for Q’ero Shamans, representing the impossible made possible. The actions of the hummingbird defy its physiology. It supposedly isn’t feasible to do what they do. Every year, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird flies 500 miles, across water. This epic journey is undertaken for one purpose: nectar.

The sweetness and inspiration of life is available, all you have to do is follow your instinct and create the way. Within us, is the same inherent map that the Hummingbird holds – free from doubt, open to possibility, always committed.

Ideas, solutions, inspiration lie within us all. Believing there is a moment of powerlessness along the trail to get there, is the equivalent of taking a map of a clear, straight road and drawing a ditch halfway along. This is the ditch that says, ‘I don’t know how I do it…’

You make the journey, head stuck in this ‘supposed’ map, seeing the ditch, rather than the clear terrain before you.

If you do get to the end, you have no idea how you managed it : ‘Well, I guess it must have just happened, because how else did I get over that ditch?’

This cluelessness is disabling.

It means that, on some days, you won’t make the walk because the ditch (that isn’t there) feels too impossible.

At other times, when you do arrive at a solution, thinking, ‘where did that come from?’ the brain, in all its lovable simplicity, will answer: ‘well, there was some turmoil, a bit of stress, plenty of panic…’

So, the map becomes more and more fleshed out. Not only do we have a non-existent ditch, we now have several hours of supposedly essentially procrastination, followed by a period of sticky, guilt, topped with self-reproach. These ‘seem’ to be the only things getting you over that ditch.

It’s a magical moment when I enable a client to lift up their head from this illusory map, look at the true terrain and say, ‘aha!’

Here’s when we begin to play. We become the Hummingbird, finding the knowledge within us – the true map – so that we define the way exactly as it’s meant to be, knowing the nectar is there.

Creative Coaching is all about finding an inventive path through life, and having fun along the way.

What next step do you need to take in order to connect to your destiny?

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