The Biggest Piece of Pie

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to attach a wire to the brain and download all the things we think about ourselves, creating a pie chart with all the information.

What would your biggest piece of pie be?

It’s my job, as a Creative Coach, to act like that wire, observing my client, their body language, the way they speak, so that I can understand what they truly think about themselves. They may say, ‘I want to be a success’ and yet their largest piece of pie is labelled, ‘I’m not good enough’.

Asking yourself, ‘what’s my biggest piece of pie, right now?’ in a moment when things are not going your way, is a powerful question that can help ground you.

Okay, so maybe you’ve heard people talk about that feeling of being grounded – but what does it really mean?

(It’s often struck me as ironic that a word describing the state of having two feet on solid earth can be a bit hazy in people’s minds!)

There are times in our day when we might be floating around. We’re not aware of the physical world around us, rather we are suspended in thought, which is akin to existing in a dreamlike state.

In this place, we are vulnerable to our minds’ stories – all the memories and experiences we have gathered throughout life.

It may be that we want to be an artist, or a business owner, but floating in our thoughts we only see our ‘dreamlike’ identity, bathing in experiences that tell us, ‘you’re not good enough,’ ‘you’ll never amount to anything,’ ‘ha, yeah right! Good luck with that one, loser!’

When you stop and ask yourself, ‘what’s my biggest piece of pie, right now?’ you can WAKE UP, so that you feel the sensation of your feet on the earth, in the current moment. In this grounded place, you have the power to transform your pie chart.

What would you like the biggest piece to be labelled?

When I first began to work on this, I noticed how panicked I felt. How did I really know? What if I got it wrong? These questions were almost enough to stop me going any further.

So, how did I get past these niggles?

I simply kept asking, ‘What would you like the biggest piece to be labelled?’

No matter how hard I found the question, how panicked I felt, I kept asking and, gradually, I came to understand that these two questions were just part of my old pie chart, representing the section labelled ‘boy, does she know how to indulge in doubt’!

So, I thought, ‘hmmm, how about a big piece of pie called, ‘she is totally committed to personal development’?

Creative Coaching is all about finding an inventive path through life, and having fun along the way.

What piece of pie do you need to help you achieve your dreams?

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