Change the Script

Whatever story we tell ourselves in any given moment, takes that moment over. Depending on the nature of the stories we are re-running in our mind, it’s the equivalent of sitting in front of a plate of healthy, delicious, nourishing food and ‘seeing’ a heap of garbage. And we wonder why we don’t have the energy to get creative.

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What is the Truth?

Have you ever tried to answer a question when you’re feeling stressed, or afraid, or exhausted? Never going to happen. Especially a pressurised, existential question like this one. It’s a bit like being lost in the middle of nowhere with a friend as it gets dark and wolves begin to howl, and the friend keeps saying, ‘but what is the truth?’ over and over. ‘Who cares!’ you finally shout.

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When you write a book, do you have to know how to do it?

I’m certainly not going to write if I think I hate it, or that I’m crap at it, or that it’s hard. I definitely won’t be writing if I think that I should be doing something else. I will write a book though, if I remember that I love to write. It’s such a lovely feeling that I want to share it. It feels like a great thing to share with you – this love of writing, this love of live.

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There's a reason you haven't taken that ‘Leap of Faith’

It may be submitting your writing, a job application, asking someone on a date, writing the next chapter in your novel or heading to the gym. What could possibly be so terrifying? How can any of these acts be like throwing yourself off a cliff?

The first clue is the fact that you haven’t got around to them yet.

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What is meant to be will be

So easy to say. Such a common phrase. When we begin to explore these words we finally see the effect they might be having on our dreams.

We only realise our dreams when we believe they are possible. The power has to come form inside us. Yes, the belief of another may drive us for a while, but such an arrangement can lead to dependency. Our own power can wither.

Where is the power in the phrase, ‘what is meant to be will be’?

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What happens when we talk in Generalisations?

The generalisation of, ‘I’m always late,’ puts us in a spot with very little variation. ‘Always’, holds us back from change. It means, holding on to one thing, without being able to let go and take hold of another.

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How do you know if your Beliefs are Holding you Back?

When you find yourself unable to give a clear and specific reason for why your dreams aren’t possible, this is a sign you’re dealing with a belief, which is holding you back – a belief that is often based on a ‘it’s just the way it is’ argument. I remember arguments like this from the playground.

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The Sweet Space of Creativity

Every single writer that I’ve worked with, or interviewed – and I’m talking numbers in the thousands here – have all spoken about a ‘sweet space’: a place where ideas flow, where words appear on the page before they have even been thought. There is no hesitation here, no doubt. This ‘sweet space’ is the discovery of magic within you, proof that you are exceptional, unique and special.

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If I'm not present, then where am I?

It might be that you're trying to relax in the bath, but are really waiting for a reply to that text you sent, whilst at the same time, wishing you hadn’t sent that text. I know about the many variations of not being present. I know how it just makes sense to be in two places at once – this is how it has always been, there isn’t any other way, surely…?

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How do you get there?

I know what a tender act it is to creep out of hiding. I also know how beautiful it is when you make it over that first obstacle.

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The Ebb and Flow of Creativity

I used to dread the days I had nothing. I would be empty of words and yet my mind was racing. As I sat in meditation, it was a challenge to even close my eyes against the bulge of my thoughts, and yet I felt that I had nothing to write. It was a sense of deep tiredness, boredom,  a complete ebb.

Now, I am aware of the ‘Wheel of Life’. Here is the teaching to find balance between the ebb and flow of life, of creativity. If we stand at the edge of the wheel, we will only ever grow dizzy. How can we remain in the centre?

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How Much do you Value Yourself?

If you find yourself asking, ‘what about me?’ then it means that you are beginning to get an inkling of another version of the story of your life: the one where you get to fulfil your destiny.

It might be that for a while, you try harder, but unless you find a way to step free of this cycle, you will only spin faster and ground yourself in deeper. You will continue to let people in line, and yet feel even more frustrated about your acts of good will.

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Confidence is a Key that Lies Within

Firstly, if your mind is saying, you are going to need a lot of confidence to get ‘there’ – to finish, writing that novel, or dedicate yourself to making enough art for an exhibition, or dedicate yourself to a new business venture – then now you know what you need. Rather than hearing these thoughts and feeling discouraged, we can step back for a moment and observe: okay, here’s where I want to get to, and here’s what I am going to need.

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Our Potential is Always There

When someone reaches out to me, and we begin working together, I place myself at their side to set off on a journey with them. So, firstly, I need to know where we’re going.

‘What is it that you want?’ I may ask. This is the place we will reach, now that I'm here to prevent you from going around in circles.

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Do You ever Worry about ‘Getting it Wrong’?

Entering into this space, allows us to clear the debris so that we can create true creative freedom. This means that we don’t have to do, and think, and do, and think, to muffle the feeling of classroom eyes upon us. We can be the artist and writer we have always wanted to be.

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